Fitness Websites

This is one of my favorite sites. Elliott Hulse is simply AWESOME! You HAVE to check him out:

I use this site to log all of my stats and calories. IT'S FREE!

Great Organic Websites 

This website is VERY informative I go there for everything:

This website is really good so far. I started getting interested in this just recently:

Great Christian Websites

Chip Ingram is a Pastor in California. I listen to him on the radio. (VERY ENCOURAGING!)


Dr. Bob Barnes is one of my favorite speakers. He has a ministry in South Florida called Sheridan House. His radio broadcast has helped me much through the years with raising my children.


Dr. James Dobson, well what can I say about Dr. Dobson... Only that he is like the father I never had. I cant say enough about him! He was the founder and president of "Focus on the Family," an ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC ministry! When he "supposedly" retired, I cried my eyes out! I was Totally taken aback when I heard him on the radio again with a radio show called "Family Talk." Dr. Dobson has  been the MOST helpful and encouraging thus far.


Always be sure check back to this tab as I will be adding more helpful sites as time goes by.  8o)

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